Transformational Growth Partner

We seek to be a different kind of equity firm. One that is defined by superior investments and great relationships more than “good deals,” as a transformational – not transactional – partner.

We are not a passive owner that “monitors” and employs a portfolio-theory driven approach. We are as passionate about each company’s success as management. At the same time, Blue Sea Capital is not an operating company providing constant direction – our approach is predicated on backing talented leaders whose responsibility is running the business. Our aspiration is to be a collaborative, present and value-added business partner contributing to building a very select group of special companies into much better, more competitive businesses… facilitating achievement of a shared vision with a servant-leader spirit.

Our process in working with each company leverages our successful past experiences but is ultimately tailored to the unique needs and circumstances of each business and management team. We seek to be as knowledgeable as anyone about our companies and their industries. And we “eat our own cooking,” putting significant personal capital at risk side-by-side with our management partners and limited partners, ensuring tight economic alignment.

We do not seek to be the biggest but do humbly aspire to be the best in the lower middle market - just like our companies and management teams.