Preferred Lower Middle Market Equity Investor

Blue Sea Capital seeks to be a preferred equity sponsor within the lower middle market for owners and their advisors. Over many decades and across multiple transactions, our principals have earned a reputation for doing what we say, paying competitive prices and structuring deals to meet sellers’ needs – resulting in good transactions and even better investments and relationships.

We invite you to reach out to us and welcome discussions starting as early as the exploratory phase. We commit to timely, candid and constructive feedback.

Where appropriate, we regularly enter into buy-side agreements with advisors (including intermediaries, accountants, consultants and attorneys).

We have worked with the principals of Blue Sea Capital across multiple transactions and know them to be insightful, rigorous and fair. We introduce them to our clients with confidence knowing that they will work hard to understand the opportunity at hand, maintain a strong base of industry knowledge and conduct themselves with utmost integrity. Beyond the transaction, they have a reputation as an excellent partner to entrepreneurial companies and builders of great businesses.

Kent Adams & Bob Dovenberg
Managing Directors
BMO Capital Markets

I have sourced many proprietary deals for the principals over the last ten years. Time and time again, I have seen demanding owners forgo a process to negotiate directly with them. The principals earn owners’ confidence and trust through their professionalism, hard work and honesty.  They spend a lot of time understanding owners’ financial and non-financial needs and truly partner with them to ensure an attractive transaction for all stakeholders.

Brian Sanderson
Gateway Partners, Inc.