Value creation through transformation

Large firm capabilities with a small firm focus and style

Good partners in good times, great partners in tough times

Transformational, not transactional

Blue Sea Capital partners with talented leaders to take growth-oriented businesses to the next level

Our inspiration

We love empowering and supporting entrepreneurs in getting to the next level and believe that special lower middle market companies deserve large firm capabilities, experience and resources, provided with a small firm focus and style…requiring an active, thoughtful approach focused on transforming good businesses into great businesses. We seek to position each company better off at exit than we found it, with a foundation for continued success.

Our mission

Produce top-quartile returns for our business partners

Collaborate with leadership to achieve each portfolio company’s vision and potential beyond what might otherwise be accomplished, as demonstrated by growth acceleration, industry outperformance and/or company transformation

Create an internal partnership culture that promotes performance, shared values, trust with accountability, teamwork, staff development, fun and work / life balance

Conduct ourselves with a commitment to excellence and spirit of fairness, service and integrity

We invest exclusively in verticals where we have deep expertise


Industrial Growth

Aerospace & Defense

We deliver large firm capabilities, experience and resources with a small firm focus and style, employing a strategy centered around relationships, alignment and transformational impact

Value-added & transformational

Focused & selective

Collaborative & founder-friendly

Exceptional track record & reputation

Our firm is defined by superior investments and great relationships – not simply “good deals”
Michael Curry

“At Apex Physics Partners, we believe it is best to first ‘go slow’ to later ‘go fast.’ Having established a solid company foundation with my search fund partner, Keith, we were ready to GO FAST! And that’s why we selected Blue Sea Capital as our partner of choice. Their servant leadership approach and capacity to support transformational growth are second to none.”

Michael Curry, Chief Executive Officer
Apex Physics Partners
Kelly Boyd-Rivera

“Partnering with Blue Sea Capital has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career. The Blue Sea team rolled up their sleeves and helped ‘our little company’ become a dominant force in the dental lab industry. With their natural strengths, outside resources and passion for making good companies great, Blue Sea Capital is more than just an investor, more than friends. They’re family.”

Kelly Boyd-Rivera, Former Chief Revenue Officer
Sulman Ahmed

“When we set out to find a strategic partner, we weren’t just looking for capital. We were looking for someone who shared our passion to think big. Value-added and transformational, Blue Sea Capital proved to be the perfect partner to take DECA Dental to the next level. With more offices in Texas than any other DSO and an expanding national footprint, we are quickly becoming the Starbucks of dentistry.”

Dr. Sulman Ahmed, Founder and Chief Executive Officer
DECA Dental

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