Value creation through transformation

Who we are

We are a team of proven lower middle market principal investors and operators focused on the healthcare, industrial growth and aerospace & defense sectors. Our passion is working with – and supporting – founders and company leaders to build great businesses.

Why we exist

We believe that special, lower middle market companies deserve large firm capabilities, experience and resources – with a small firm focus and style. Collaborating with company leadership, we seek to transform good businesses into great ones.

How we're different

  • Long-term, lower middle market focus
  • Deep industry expertise
  • Differentiated operational capabilities
  • Selective investment approach
  • Unwavering alignment with our partners
  • Culture of dependability
  • Passion for building great businesses
  • Exceptional track record and reputation

Our core principles


  • Excellence
  • Impact
  • Integrity
  • Judgment
  • Humility
  • Creativity
  • Courage
  • Dependability


  • Promote performance and values
  • Trust with accountability
  • Teamwork
  • Mindset of abundance
  • Enjoy the journey


  • Treat the companies entrusted to us like our own
  • Servant leadership
  • Exit a better business than we inherit

“We believe in a culture of servant leadership within Air Medical Group Holdings, turning the organizational chart upside down to support the field. Blue Sea Capital similarly embraces this philosophy in supporting their leadership teams. They are sector experts and energetic partners that will run through walls to help their companies win.”

Fred Buttrell, Former Chief Executive Officer
Air Medical Group Holdings

“Blue Sea Capital has a passion for building great businesses. Their unwavering alignment and dependability are cornerstones that allow company leaders to be our best.”

Keith Burns, President
Apex Physics Partners

“Over the course of my career, I’ve held leadership roles in both public and private companies. In working with Blue Sea Capital, I can humbly say that I saved the best for last. Blue Sea’s values-based culture and mindset of abundance allowed me and my team to not just participate in the value creation but enjoy the journey.”

Monte Roach, Chief Executive Officer
RESA Power

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