Good partners in good times, great partners in tough times

Our approach

At Blue Sea Capital, we are a collaborative, supportive, and value-added strategic partner, guided by a shared vision and a servant-leader mindset.

Transformational, not transactional

Strongly aligned and personally invested

Selective: Every company matters

Collaborative and customized, not top-down or prescriptive

We do what we say: Our word is our bond

Value-added business-builders, not financial engineers

Servant leaders, not absentee investors

Long-term stewards, not situational traders

What makes us different

Simply put, we are company builders who back talented leaders and empower them to do what they do best: run their businesses. We are not passive owners who monitor investments from afar, nor are we an operating company providing constant directives and micromanagement.

Peter Lamelas

“Successful entrepreneurs deserve business partners that are smart, trustworthy and as passionate about their companies as they are, with deep industry expertise and differentiated resources. I recognized from our first call that the principals of Blue Sea Capital are such people.”

Dr. Peter Lamelas, Founder and Former Chief Executive Officer
MD Now Urgent Care
Butch Peterman

“When I founded Abrasive Technology, I never envisioned the day I wouldn’t be leading the business. Having recently celebrated our 50th Anniversary, finding the partner that shared our company’s values became my highest priority. Blue Sea Capital’s core values and long-term steward orientation made them the perfect partner for Abrasive Technology’s next chapter.”

Butch Peterman, Founder
Abrasive Technology
Matt Jacobson

“I founded SignatureMD with a deep commitment to placing the physician and patient back at the center of the healthcare equation. Blue Sea Capital share this mindset and has proven to be the perfect partner. Together we have accelerated the growth of our business creating an ever-expanding population of satisfied patients.”

Matt Jacobson, Founder and Chairman

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